Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program is a strata 1 education program whose graduates are qualified as undergraduates and are taken in a minimum of 8 semesters with a minimum number of credits of 144 credits (Semester Credit System) and a maximum of 160 credits.

The UMI Undergraduate Program consists of various fields of science, both exact and non-exact sciences. The Indonesian Muslim University as the person in charge of managing these study programs is a higher education institution that has been accredited by BAN PT with an Accreditation Rating of B (Good).

Selection for the UMI Undergraduate Program is held once a year.

Program Diploma

The Diploma Program is a Professional/Vocational Education program that prepares students to have skills in applied skills. The Diploma III Program Study Load is at least 110 (one hundred and ten) credits scheduled for 6 (six) semesters.

Selection for this Diploma Program is through an independent written examination by the Indonesian Muslim University to recruit prospective students who have the potential to improve their abilities and skills in certain fields.

Selection for the UMI Diploma Program is held once a year.

Professional Program Selection

Professional education is higher education after an undergraduate education program that prepares students to have jobs with special skill requirements. Graduates of professional education will get a professional degree.

Seleksi Program Pascasarjana

The Postgraduate Program is a program designed to provide broad opportunities for students to be able to study independently, supported by the supervision of the supervisory lecturers. Case studies and field research are an integral part of this programme.

The selection is intended for entry to the Masters and Doctoral Programs for various fields of science, both exact and non-exact sciences. Held 2 times in one academic year, for odd semesters and even semesters.