UMI Library was established since the establishment of Universitas Muslim Indonesia which is one of the private universities under the coordinator of Kopertis Region IX and Kopertis Region VIII. precisely dated June 23, 1954. Located on campus I road No. Kakatua. 27 Ujung Pandang.

The existence of UMI Library has been long enough, but only managed professionally in a very simple way since 1976. On June 23, 1990, to coincide UMI milad to-36, the central library moved to campus II located on Urip Sumoharjo street km. 05 Makassar., Marked by the inauguration of the library building III floor by the father of Director of Private Higher Education namely Prof. Dr. Yuhara Sukra, later named “Utsman Bin Affan Library of Muslim University of Indonesia”.

In 1994 the library of UMI has been using Automated Computerized System with Sipisis program which aims to facilitate the service to library user. In the year 2014 Library of UMI apply new Program as automation system in library by using program of Slims which have been modified to adjust requirement of Library of UMI

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