The Hospital "IBNU SINA" UMI began operating in 2003 based on a letter from the Head of the South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office for a trial permit for the operation of the "Ibn Sina" YW-UMI Hospital on September 23, 2003 No. 6703A/DK-IV/PTS-TK/2/IX/2003 then on Monday, 17 May 2004, the Governor of South Sulawesi, H.M. Amen Sham. In the end, the "Ibnu Sina" Hospital obtained a hospital operating permit from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. YM., 26 September 2005.

The establishment of this hospital in addition to being intended as a health service provider for the community is also intended to be a teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine of UMI which has been established since 1992. Until now, the existence of the "Ibnu Sina" Hospital as the main educational vehicle for students at the professional stage of FK UMI become a major assessment both by BAN PT and other parties.

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