UMI symbol

  1. In the form of a pen, it means that UMI provides education, knowledge and technology in general that are universal.
  2. It has five corners which symbolize Pancasila.

Contents and Meaning of UMI Symbol

  1. Al-Quran and sunnah with straight goose feathers, means that UMI in providing education must always refer to the Qur'an and sunnah (hadith).
  2. The Kaaba symbolizes the implementation of the universal and consequent implementation of Islamic law.
  3. The moon and stars symbolize the unity of the people and grace for the universe.
  4. The arranged red stones symbolize that UMI actively participates in national development.
  5. Five kinds of colors, meaning the five pillars of Islam.
  6. Arti warna (Setiap warna melandasi partisipasi UMI dalam pembangunan bangsa, negara dan agama menuju masyarakat adil dan makmur yang diridhai Allah SWT) :
    • Warna Kuning melambangkan kedewasaan, kemuliaan dan kelestarian.
    • Warna Hijau melambangkan kesuburan dan harapan.
    • Warna Merah melambangkan keadilan, keberanian dan tanggung jawab.
    • Warna Hitam melambangkan kejujuran dan keilmuan.
    • Warna Biru melambangkan keihlasan, kesetiaan tanpa pamrih.
  7. Rice and cotton, meaning that UMI aspires to realize social justice for all Indonesian people. 23 rice seeds and 6 cotton pods, reminding that UMI was founded on 23 June.
  8. The number 1954 means that UMI was founded in 1954.