The third pillar of the UMI Waqf Foundation's charitable efforts is health and da'wah by fostering Ibn Sina Hospital UMI Waqf Foundation. This hospital is one of the supporting facilities/supporting facilities within the scope of the Indonesian Muslim University, it also functions as a Teaching Hospital for health professionals from various levels of education in the health sector at UMI (Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health). Besides that, Ibnu Sina Hospital also serves the general public, because it has the facilities and the ability to provide various types of specialist and subspecialist services.

Ibnu Sina Hospital is a Private General Hospital, previously named “45” Hospital. on date. On June 16, 2003, the ownership of the Andi Sose Foundation was transferred to the UMI Waqf Foundation, which was signed by the Chairman of the Andi Sose Foundation, namely Dr. Hc. Andi Sose and Chairman of the UMI Waqf Foundation, the late Prof. Dr. H. Abdurahman A. Basalamah, SE. MSi. Based on the rights to this new ownership, the UMI Waqf Foundation was converted into the "Ibnu Sina" YW-UMI Hospital.

This hospital stands on a land of 18,008 M2 with a building area of 12,025 M2, the address is at Jalan Urip Sumoharjo Km5 Makassar, and has a Hospital Accreditation Certificate No. YM.01.10/III/1879/09, the certificate is given as an acknowledgment that the hospital has met hospital service standards which include: Management Administration, Medical Services, Emergency Services, Nursing Services, Medical Partners and Accreditation status "Full Basic level" .

And now the type of Ibnu Sina Hospital has been determined based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 993/MENKES/SK/XI/2009 concerning Class Determination of Ibnu Sina Hospital YW-UMI Makassar, designated as a private public hospital with Class B Classification (Type B). B).

The fields in the Ibn Sina Hospital are:

  • General and Operational Sector.
  • Medical Services
  • Field of education

Director : Prof. Dr. H. A. Husni Tanra, Ph.D, Sp. An.
Address : Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Km. 05 Tel. (0411) 425397, 452917, 452958, 5055103 Makassar