YW-UMI management, starting from the initial management until now, realize that based on the noble values laid down by the founders of the foundation, the management concept adopted must be an Islamic management concept, so that all positions within the YW-UMI organization are defined as trust.

As a mandate, whatever the name and level of the entrusted position, it must be seen and accepted as a noble job that must be accounted for, not only to superiors through the organizational hierarchy, but also to Allah SWT.

In this regard, a trustee, especially at the leadership level, when formulating a policy or making a decision, must first ask himself whether the substance of the policy and decision is in accordance with sharia (Al Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet), or not. . If the substance is appropriate, the next question is whether the technical and stipulation process, its output and impact will be in line with the general policy lines contained in the basic law of the foundation, and whether it is in favor of the interests of ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Any decision and any policy to be taken, must go through and fulfill the principle of deliberation and consensus. In this way, the process of policy formulation and implementation, always upholds sharia values and Islamic symbols.

In order for these values to be maximally internalized in managerial practice within YWUMI, the laws and regulations established at all organizational levels and management levels within YWUMI must start from five basic principles, namely:

  • Amanah, means having responsibility in carrying out every duty and obligation.
  • Fathonah, means to understand, understand and appreciate all the things that are the duties and obligations.
  • Tablig, means inviting and giving good examples according to the provisions of Islamic teachings in everyday life.
  • Shiddiq, means having honesty and always underpinning words and actions based on Islamic teachings.
  • Himayah, means always nurturing and protecting anyone around him.

The purpose of management activities within the scope of the YWUMI organization is to achieve the pleasure of Allah SWT. To achieve His pleasure, all YWUMI people always crave the grace of Allah SWT.