The pillar of business and da'wah of the UMI Waqf Foundation was initiated at the end of 1994, the presence of this business field is expected to help the foundation in financing in the fields of education, research, community service and community development (da'wah) which requires quite a large cost. The activities of business units are always guided by the vision and mission of the UMI Waqf Foundation, and are directed to provide optimal services in supporting academic activities at UMI. For this reason, the managers of business units must make every effort to improve professionalism, so that they can provide profit/funding contributions to support the activities of the foundation as a whole.

Business unit

  1. Baitul Maal Wattamwil Ukhuwah (BMTU)
    This business unit is a non-formal (non-governmental) financial institution that operates on the basis of Islamic sharia and manages funds for the welfare of the people through business development strategies as well as zakat, infaq, shadaqah. BMTU was inaugurated its operation on July 15, 1995 by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. H. Mar'ie Muhammad in Makassar, with a management system based on a contract (agreement) in accordance with Islamic sharia (profit sharing) without any elements of rent or interest. The services provided by BMTU at this time are generally large families of the UMI Waqf Foundation such as lecturers, employees and students. The forms of services carried out by BMT Ukhuwah include:
    – Savings and Loan Services.
    – Financing Services.
    Director : Hj. St. Hafsah, SE
    Office Address : Jl. Cockatoo No. 27 Tel. (0411) 878675 Makassar
  2. PT. Ukhuwah UMI Teknik
    PT. Ukhuwah UMI Teknik, is one of the business entities established by the UMI Waqf Foundation Foundation, based on the deed of establishment Number 602 dated December 21, 1995 by Notary Mestariany Habie, SH, and has received approval from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia Number C2-4346.HT.01.01 Year 1997.
    – Contractor/Construction
    – Real Estate Development
    UMI Ukhuwah Housing Development on Jl. Racing Center/ Jl. Petta Rani II Makassar with an area of ​​2.77 ha. The development of Taman Ukhuwah Sakinah Housing, Daya Makassar with an area of ​​26 ha is planned for 1291 housing development units, with types 29/78, 36/104 hospitals, 45/120 hospitals, 54/150 hospitals and 70/176 hospitals. 9.7 ha of land have been acquired and 428 units have been built. The development of Ukhuwah Antang Housing with an area of ​​3.6 ha, Makassar is planned to build 239 houses with type 36/84 and 45/104, and 53 housing units have been realized.
    Director : Ir. Sudarman Supardi, MT
    Office Address : Komp. Ruko Lili Tel. (0411) 457084 Makassar
  3. PT. UMI Business Brotherhood
    PT. Ukhuwah UMI Bisnis, this business unit was established by the UMI Waqf Foundation Foundation, on April 3, 1996 with the Notary Deed of Mestariany Habie, SH Number 14, and ratification from the Minister of Justice R.I Number: C2-3.484.HT.01.01 TH.97. The presence of PT. UMI Business Brotherhood is expected to serve various internal needs, which are increasingly complex and varied in large numbers, and are expected to contribute to the UMI Waqf Foundation.
    Types of Business are in the form of General Trading unit, Convection unit, Canteen unit.
    Manager : H. Hasan, SE
    Office Address : Campus II UMI Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Km. 05 Tel. (0411) 443702 Makassar
  4. PT. UMI Industry Brotherhood
    PT Ukhuwah UMI Industri is devoted to handling the industrial sector, was established on December 21, 1995 with the notarial deed of Mestariany Habie, SH No. 601 and the approval of the Minister of Justice No. C2-4.347.HT.01.01 Th.97. Currently, the company's activities are producing bottled mineral water and has been certified with the issuance of SNI Number 01-3553-1996 with the brand "Ukhuwah" in gallons and glasses, and has been marketed for the South Sulawesi region. The current production capacity is between 296,400 Liters – 345,800 Liters per month.
    Manager : H. Alide, SE
    Office Address : Jl. Lanraki, Power Tel. (0411) 581234 Makassar
  5. PT. Umitoha Ukhuwah Grafika
    This company is a collaboration between the UMI Waqf Foundation and PT. Toha Putra Semarang and named PT. Umitoha Ukhuwah Graphics, which is engaged in printing, publishing. The company was founded based on the notarial deed of Mestrariany Habie, SH Number: 26 dated May 7, 1996, and the endorsement of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No. C2-9200.HT.01.01 TH.97. The types of services provided include; integrated services in the fields of printing, publishing, copy centers, and making employee cards (ID Cards), graphic design, creative writing and publication consultants. Many public books and literature have been published, and have joined the IKAPI (Indonesian Publishers Association), and have even won the trust of the government (Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia) to print and publish the 30 juz Al-Quran and Al-Quram juz Amma.
    Manager : M. Nasir Mappile, SE
    Office Address : Jl. Cockatoo No. 27 Tel. (0411) 5073474 Makassar
  6. Paddy fields, ponds and fishing boats
    The business units of the UMI Waqf Foundation as mentioned above, all have legal entities in the form of a company, besides that there are other business units, namely Sawah and Empang with an area of 45,115 M2 located in Kalibone Regency. Pangkep, and 2 (two) fishing vessels with a size of 6 x 14 m (T. Ziat 1) which was acquired in 1993, while T. Ziat 2 with a size of 4 x 16 m was acquired in 1997. Both fishing vessels The fish rests on Barombong Kab. Takalar. Initially, the fields, ponds and boats were under the coordination of the Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries of UMI, as well as field laboratories for students. The existence of rice fields, ponds and ships besides being a laboratory, can also be commercialized, so that they can assist in laboratory operations.