Nama Universitas Muslim Indonesia bermakna universitas yang membina umat Islam, dalam bahasa arab disebut Jamiatul Muslimina Indonesiyah yang bermakna gerakan yang menghimpun umat Islam sedangkan dalam bahasa Inggris Moslem University Of Indonesiayang bermakna universitas milik umat Islam Indonesia.

UMI which is fostered by the UMI Waqf Foundation with its characteristics as an educational and da'wah institution carries broader and heavier duties and responsibilities than just producing graduates, because the education process at UMI provides knowledge and skills according to the disciplines involved, and provides plus value. to their students, through the development of aqidah, Islamic ethics and enlightenment of the heart, as a foundation in navigating the future. Academic activities at UMI have implemented quality assurance standards, according to the standards set by the Government, God willing, UMI will give birth to "UMI" (Excellent, Quality and Islamic) human resources.

The Chancellors of the Indonesian Muslim University from time to time are:

  1. Prof. Mukhtar Lintang (Presidium) [1954 – 1958]
  2. Prof. Abd. Rahman Syihab [1959 – 1965]
  3. Latunrung [1965 – 1967]
  4. Ahmad Dara Syahruddin [1967 – 1970]
  5. H. Ridwan Saleh Mattayang, SH [1971 – 1976]
  6. H. M. Hijaz Yunus, SH [1976 – 1984]
  7. Prof. Dr. H. Abdurahman A. Basalamah, SE, MSi [1984 – 1994]
  8. H. M. Mokhtar Noer Jaya, SE, MSi [1994 – 1998]
  9. Prof. Dr. H. Mansyur Ramly, SE, MSi [1998 – 2003]
  10. Prof. Dr. H. M. Nasir Hamzah, SE, MSi [2003 – 2010]
  11. Prof. Dr. Hj. Masrurah Mokhtar, MA [2010 – sekarang]